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Diet Regimen During Pregnancy

April 27, 2020

It is a universal fact that what you put in your plate dictates the status of your health. A healthy diet regimen during pregnancy is a must. A person who eats a lot of junk food and preservatives suffers more health conditions. While the person who consumes fruits and vegetables on a regular basis stays in good shape. Though there are a number of factors that affect our health, but more often than not it is our food intake that gets the final say. 

How does our food intake affect our health?

To keep our body in good shape, it is necessary that it receives enough vitamins and minerals from our food intake. Take for example Vitamin A. This micro-nutrient is needed to keep physiological functions running, especially the functions of all surface tissues of the skin, the bladder, the lining of the respiratory tract, the inner ear, the eye, and the gut.

It is also responsible for maintaining good vision despite conditions of poor lighting, and for maintaining a healthy immune system. Deprivation of Vitamin A will make all the functions mentioned above fail. Deficiency of the said vitamin can also lead to throat and chest infections, acne, dry skin and dry eyes, and night blindness. So what diet regimen during our pregnancy can counter this? We need to eat food that is rich in Vitamin A. These foods range from carrots, dark green leafy vegetables, mangoes to animal sources like liver, eggs, milk (and breast milk). 

We got a long list of examples proving how our eating habits dictate the kind of person we are. The disposition (physical, mental and emotional) of sickly people differs greatly from that of a healthy and well-nourished individual. All the more, this proverb is true even more when we are pregnant, as we are responsible for the development and the becoming of the little angel developing inside us. That being said, we need to be mindful of the things that we put inside our body.

How can we make sure that we will be delivering a healthy baby just by the food we consume?

It has been discovered that those who had poor diet regimen during pregnancy were women who had lower household incomes. This is according to a study done in Singapore. Other demographics includes those women who are illiterate and those who are younger and had experienced pregnancies previously (Han et al.). The study stressed the importance of the quality of food pregnant women. They also take into consideration how social demographics affect these women’s food choices. Food choices and food intake, needless to say, have strong and lasting effects on how women experience pregnancy.

It is important that we provide enough nourishment to our baby through the food and vitamins we take. We need our body to be in a good shape during this time of our pregnancy. Sometimes we are tempted to taste some food that isn’t necessary for the fetal development. As much as possible, we should be able to create discipline in ourselves and resist these unwanted foods. Bear in mind that you are not alone in this endeavor. Someone precious is dependent on you. The rest of his or her human life is dependent on the food that you take while he or she is under your care. 

Eat responsibly. Eat healthy so that your is body in good shape during and after pregnancy. A great part of what your child becomes depends on the food you take.

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