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Exercises to Avoid by Pregnant Mothers

April 29, 2020

Many of our expecting mothers often get anxious about how they look. More often, they always ask their family members, “how do I look these days?” or tell themselves “I am getting ugly by the day”. The assurance and the honest validation that they always look good actually means a lot to them. All expecting mothers are beautiful. Some will argue that they are most beautiful and blooming during their pregnancy. But still, pregnancy hormones heighten emotions. Some mothers inevitably feel pity about themselves. While this is normal feeling during pregnancy, this does not mean that this has to be tolerated. One good way of getting rid of this feeling is by proper exercise. 

According to Sally K. Hinman,, pregnant mothers should get the right amount of exercise to boost their muscle power. It is necessary given the constant physical changes they are experiencing. However, these mothers must also understand that not all exercises available online are helpful. Most of them put (pregnant) women and their babies in serious risk. 

So which exercises are good for us? There are a lot of tips and ideas available online. We have compiled some simple concepts for pregnant mothers about which exercises to avoid.

Don’t lie on your stomach.

Any form of routine that will let you put force on your stomach should be discouraged. Your bulging stomach must be the most protected area of your body. Most especially during the later part of the second trimester and the third trimester. This area must be avoided to have contact with too much force as it may cause trauma or disturbance to the developing baby. 

Exercises like abdominal workouts, full body roll-up, push-ups, forearm plank, “swimming” routine, “child’s pose” routine, and the likes are considered as dangerous.

Avoid routines that make you change your center of gravity.

As we move along from one trimester to another, there is a noticeable weight distribution making us feel tilting forward. This us due to the weight of the tummy. To balance the pull of gravity,We push our body backwards with our hand in our waist for support. This is a manifestation that our sense of balance is quite sensitive and it would be a major disaster if we fall down or if we slip. That’s why it is crucial to be careful about the exercises that do a lot of changing balances and putting your body weight from one direction to another. There is a high chance that you will fall down and we don’t want that.

Avoid doing standing calf raise exercises, burpees, side planks, and other balance-related exercises. 

Don’t engage in any contact sports.

Avoid all sports and exercises that have something to do with physical contact. Like (but not limited to) boxing, judo, and taekwondo. These sports, with a personalized training regimen, are effective to tone your muscles and improve your physical well-being but they cause too much impact that can affect your baby. If you are a very athletic person and you used to do these sports as an exercise and usually train in high intensity, you should avoid them at least for the duration of the pregnancy. 

Stay out and have some sun.

Outdoor exercises are recommended rather than doing it indoors. Aside from the benefits you get by immersing yourself with nature and the social interaction that you get with the other people in the park or just by walking around your community, it also cuts your mundane domestic environment and you will be given a chance to be re-energized. According to recent studies, it is advisable to do a 30-minute stroll outdoors or  an hour of outdoor interaction between 6:00-8:30 in the morning. But when the time passes beyond what is recommended and the temperature starts to rise, that should be your sign to go home, get some shade, and stay hydrated

Avoid brisk walking, doing outdoor exercises of any form, or even talking with your neighbor when the sun is already high up the sky. Mister Sun is already asking you to go home and take some rest.

Keep within what you can manage.

Needless to say, exercise is good for the body and is much needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, while exercise has a lot of potential benefits to the body, there are still exercises that pregnant mothers must avoid. The idea is to not overdo exercise and ask a medical professional about the type of exercise you need because women in their pregnancy stages may have different situations and a single workout or form of exercise may not work well on a general scale. It is important to have exercises that are within what you can manage. 

These five guides are very easy to remember. If these reminders are still too much to process, just recall this golden rule : Safety first. Now, if you have chosen a routine that you will be trying in the first hour in the morning and you have doubts if you have correctly assessed it as a safe exercise for you, do not hesitate to consult your doctor and your physical therapist. Do not hesitate to ask which exercises are good for pregnant mothers and which are ones to avoid.

Remember the golden rule: Safety first.

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