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Health Problems after 30s

April 28, 2020

Many studies suggests there are health problems associated after 30s for pregnant women. Some suggest that there is also a rise of women being pregnant in their 30s. But we need to be aware of the common health problems during pregnancy in our 30s. The following is some of the most common complications during pregnancy.


High blood pressure among pregnant women is both life threatening to the mother and her child.  One of the health problems associated with the rise of blood pressure during pregnancy is Preeclampsia. On the 20th week of pregnancy, it usually manifests itself. It can also be observed by the last trimester. Causes are still unknown. The symptoms for this condition include too much protein in the urine and extreme headache. Blurred vision, pain in the upper right abdomen, and trouble in breathing can also be observed. Those mothers who have a history of high blood pressure are usually affected by it. Those who failed to maintain a body mass index below 30s are prone to experience such complications and other health problems.

There is little preventive measure that can alleviate this condition. However maintaining a healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy can help. But once the pregnancy is over this condition will go away. Other complications might arise associated to this problem during pregnancy. Depending on how far or how near you are from the due date, the option for addressing preeclampsia may vary.

Placenta Previa

It is a condition where the placenta covers the cervix which is an opening between the vagina and the uterus. The placenta provides oxygen and nutrients for the baby while it’s in the womb. If you experience scarring on your uterus from your previous pregnancies, you are at risk to experience Placenta Previa. There are no known preventive measures to do away from experiencing this condition. Getting regular prenatal care can increase the chance for earlier detection. Doctors would be able to make early decisions necessary to save the life of the baby. But if the condition is already life threatening, there is no other option but to undergo a Cesarean delivery


It is one of the most common illnesses around the world. In the United States, 11.7 million women in 2015 were diagnosed to have diabetes. In England, which has 5% prevalence rate of diabetes in the United Kingdom, 2.4% of women who are in their 30s are diagnosed to have diabetes as one of the many health problems. This raises possibility of complications during pregnancy.

It involves the body’s failure to break down sugar. But if one experiences this health problems during pregnancy it is referred to as Gestational Diabetes. The risk that accompanies this condition is the chance that your newborn will suffer from macrosomia. This is a condition awhere the baby grows larger than the usual, which will make normal delivery a laborious endeavor. If this happens, a Cesarean delivery must be performed. Such operation has an effect on the general health of the baby. 

To avoid Gestational Diabetes, one should monitor their weight. Consult your doctor for the correct and appropriate exercise and weight-loss regimen. This is to avoid 30s related health problems.

Excessive Morning Sickness.

Morning sickness is a normal occurrence especially during the early pregnancy. This is when expecting mothers experiences vomiting and nausea usually during the morning hours. But if you have excessive morning sickness, you suffer vomiting and nausea 1,000 times the normal morning sickness. This condition is also known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). HG makes you lose 5% of your current weight. It will also result to immediate hospitalization because of the loss of water and nutrients brought by vomiting. 

Symptoms for this condition involve loss of appetite and intense vomiting. It is hard to prevent this condition. All you can do is to get regular prenatal care. Mothers must be ensured that they get the needed nutrition to fill in the food and water loss. Some resort to diet and some take medication for nausea. Do not self-medicate. Always refer to your doctor and always report any abnormalities you notice as the week progresses.

Pregnancy may vary from one woman to another. It is also true that it also varies from one age range and another. Health Problems and complications during pregnancy after 30s might be a common occurrence. But it doesn’t mean young pregnant mother are also free from these complications. With the right lifestyle and diet as prescribed by your doctor, the chance of a healthy pregnancy will rise dramatically. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Be fit and ready for your baby.

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