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Meditating in your 30s

April 22, 2020

Meditating during pregnancy can reduce stress especially in our 30s. It is done through an increase of affirmations on self-love, self-awareness and self-control. There may be some tendencies that we feel bad if we find ourselves in a situation that is bigger than us. Change is constant and we all know that, when life throws you balls that gives you stress and causes you to devalue yourself is something you must work on. Negativeness like these must be avoided. Meditating is a good addition to fight these psychological ills if we are in our 30s

Meditation is one of those essential things you can provide to help yourself feel better in a very relaxing way. It helps in stopping and blocking negativity to control our well-being and to make damages in your inner peace. Pregnant women, first time mothers, mothers, and other women dealing with their own anxieties and depression can find solace in meditation.

It may be a hard process for many but there is a way to do it easily. All you need is time, courage and passion to completely do it and understand how it affects your mental health and in other aspects of your life. 


It is hard when you have a lot of thoughts running from your head and that’s normal. Experts say this is normal in our 30s, thus meditating is advised. As what psychologist says replace your thoughts or worries into action and we believe that action could be meditation. Meditate before going to sleep and before you start your day on the following day. It may not be going to be easy. You may feel frustrated but remember that it is a process and you all have the power of that process. Then, see that eventually when you consistently do it there are changes that you are able to develop within yourself and as well to your unborn child when you are pregnant. 


The next thing you might need to try is to sit with your head straight up. This will allow you to reduce stress. Close your eyes, again do not pressure yourself of those thoughts that make you worry. What you have to do is focus on sitting while your head is straight up and anything. Relax, feel that moment and Create a deep connection between yourself and your unborn child. 


It will reduce stress and other things that worries you. Writing down what you are thankful for and to stay positive helps you feel being balanced. You can also listen to music that is inspiring and healthy for your ears and to your unborn child as well. Read some encouraging words that you and your child can hear especially when you touch your tummy, for they listen. ART and MUSIC are also a form of meditation, it is a way of reducing stress, anxiety, over thinking during and after pregnancy. Allow yourself to envision wonderful things you deserve and what your partner and baby deserves the most too. 


Everything doesn’t need to be mind at all. If you believe that it doesn’t give you the best of it then splash it away. Enjoy the things you wanted to discover. Try new things that help you to be productive and that gives you the assurance that you are amazing and beautifully created. There are also available yoga’s and ted talks that you can try to loosen up. All we want is to be able to reduce stress


Continue your monthly check ups with your obgyne and try to ask and be specific on your food intake. You should also try to ask if there exercises needed and most of all the risks that should be avoided during pregnancy. There are still best practices that can be done to your home and with the help of meditation as well. Remember a happy mom delivers a happy baby. 

Every person is precious. Even if you feel meditating is hard in your 30s. Every pain shouldn’t be neglected. Everyone deserves to be happy and no one should be left behind. Meditation can be simple yet its effect ripples to your entire body that helps to reduce stress

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