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Meditating in your 30s

April 22, 2020

Pregnancy comes with an onslaught of emotions. You may feel excited, happy, sad, and worried in the periods of just a few minutes. Pregnancy hormones, along with sleep disturbances and the life changes associated with welcoming a new member of the family, can leave you feeling anxious and even stressed in the midst of all the positive.
Moms-to-be spends a lot of time worrying about their baby. You must have heard from your doctor or midwife saying, “Listen to your body.” You’ll be like, How?
Meditation can help you listen to your voice, your body, and even that small heartbeat. This will help you feel refreshed and more focused. No matter if you have meditated before, the practice can help you get relaxed and settle down your emotional whirlwind. Medication is good for both you and your baby

In a nutshell:

  • Meditation during pregnancy is really helpful and is very safe in all trimesters.
  • Meditation can make your pregnancy far easier.
  • Your fear, depression and anxiety levels will decrease during meditation.
  • Meditation can even ease your labor and shorten it time duration.
  • There are meditation techniques discussed which you can easily do them in your home.

What is meditation?

Think of meditation as a form of complementary medicine that has been in practice for
thousands of years.

  • It is the quiet time for you to breathe and connect, to clear your mind, and be aware of passing thoughts.
  • Meditation involves focusing your attention for a specific period of time.
  • It can be on your breath or the present moment.
  • Meditation is finding inner peace, learning to let go, and getting in touch with yourself through mental focus and breath

When done consistently, it can result in a host of positive benefits for expected moms.

How does meditation help during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a significant life change that can induce stress; meditation can reduce that stress. It also helps with the pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, sleep disturbances, and mood changes.

Moms with a high level of stress anxiety are more likely to deliver a baby at preterm or low birth weight. A report published in the journal Psychology and Health showed that 13 percent of babies in the US are preterm and 8 percent are low birth weight. Meditation will also reduce the fear and pain associated with childbirth.

Prenatal stress can significantly impact fetal development. Studies showed that it can even affect cognitive, emotional, and physical development in infancy or childhood.

Studies concluded that meditation during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. Doctors and scientists have studied the benefits of meditation during pregnancy and came up with a conclusion that meditation during pregnancy can really help out moms to be and especially at birth.

Is there any risk involved in doing meditation during pregnancy?

Meditation is totally safe during pregnancy. It only provides benefits. Make sure you are seated properly. You might need to add pillows or blankets to adjust your position as your body changes, and the baby bump grows.

Can meditation help during labor?

If you do meditation regularly before you go into labor. It can help to reduce some of the fear that goes along with the labor.

Combining the deep breathing with meditation can help you relax your central nervous system during childbirth. This will improve your labor experience by reducing the perception of the pain and length of labor.

Can meditation be practiced in all three trimesters?

Yes! Meditation can be practiced in all three trimesters. Meditation does not harm the body or the baby in any way. So it is very safe to practice. But make sure you are seated comfortably.

What meditation techniques should you do during pregnancy?

There are many forms of meditation, but the key to success in all of them is consistency. Before you start meditation, you can choose an app, a video, a class, or even a book. Down below are some common forms to try:

Mindfulness meditationIt is a form of meditation in which you focus on physical and emotional sensations that are going on at that time without judging how they make you feel.
Walking meditationA kind of meditation in which you walk mindfully and peacefully for a certain amount of time. During the walk, you focus on your breath or your steps.
Transcendental meditationIt involves repeating a mantra silently and calmly for a set period of time.
Body scanningIt is а fоrm оf рrоgressive relаxаtiоn thаt invоlves sitting оr lying dоwn while fосusing оn
vаriоus раrts оf the bоdy аnd breаthing intо thоse рlасes оf tensiоn thаt need tо be releаsed.
Table 1: Meditation forms

The following techniques you can practice with the aforementioned form of meditation.

Deep breathing

It is one of the easiest methods to release the muscle tension and lower your heart rate. Try this: Lie dоwn оn the flооr оr оn yоur bed with yоur feet shоulder-width араrt. (Аfter the seсоnd trimester оr if yоu’re unсоmfоrtаble lying оn yоur bасk, rest оn yоur side with а рillоw between yоur legs fоr suрроrt.) Breаthe slоwly thrоugh yоur nоse fоr fоur seсоnds, keeрing yоur mоuth сlоsed. Be соnsсiоus оf yоur stоmасh rising аs yоu grаduаlly fill yоur lungs аnd diарhrаgm with аir, then hоld fоr оne seсоnd befоre exhаling thrоugh yоur nоse tо the соunt оf fоur

Progressive muscle relaxation

This is a technique very related to body scanning, this may take a couple of weeks to master, but once you do it, you will be glad that you did. You will get a relaxed good night’s sleep. You no longer have to stay awake because of insomnia. Here’s how you do it: Lie down on the floor or the bed, now tense your muscles completely for a few seconds and relax them. Do this alternately on the right and left sides and focus on one muscle group.

Guided imagery

Think of your childhood when mom told you to close your eyes and think of something good whenever you get scared. The same thing applies here. Just imagine yourself in a place you find peaceful and relaxing. Or you can look at a photograph and fill in the details in your mind, and then visualize it. This may take some time. But once you get it, you’ll find that it’s a great way to relax to mind and ease your tension.


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