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April 23, 2020

When we are in our 30s and in our pregnancy for the first time, it is usually a happy event. With this comes our mental health. However, not all women and mothers are lucky enough to enjoy their pregnancy. Some of them are in a hostile environment harming both her and the baby. This is when pregnancy and mental health became a challenge in your 30s.

Women and Violence

According to the 2013 ABS’ Personal Safety Survey in Australia “thirty-six per cent of women over the age of 18 have experienced physical or sexual violence by a known perpetrator since the age of 15”. Out of these women 22% experienced physical violence during pregnancy by a current partner.Another 25% reported violence during pregnancy from a previous partner.

Women are prone to abuse and violence. These trauma has a long-lasting effect on her and her baby. Sometimes they may fail to eat, bathe, or care for themselves. This may increase the risks of complications in her pregnancy and mental health. The possibility of suicide is present. In worst cases, the risk of infanticide.

Maternity and Mental Health

For young infants, they are very sensitive to their surroundings and the degree of care they receive from their mothers are likely to be affected. If the bad mental condition continues it may affect the relationship of the mother and her child/children. It also includes infant care and breastfeeding. That is why is important to provide adequate mental health during pregnancy especially in our 30s.

The pregnant mother’s mental health should be integrated to the her general physical check-up. She should have access to good psychological and maternal care, especially if she has an existing case of a high level of anxiety or depression.

No book nor online guide can help you cope with your psychological issues but you and you alone. You must be honest to your psychologist, like any doctors, so he/she can give sound advice and treatment if needed.

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