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What is Cesarean birth?

May 3, 2020
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Cesarean birth is a surgical delivery where it involves cutting through the mother’s skin, and into the uterus at the lower part of the mother’s abdomen. To give the baby time to develop in the mother’s womb, this operation is done after the 39th week of pregnancy.

31% of all deliveries in the United States of America is done through a Cesarean birth. That is according to the study done by Marian F. MacDorman, PhD, in their paper “Cesarean Birth in the United States: Epidemiology, Trends, and Outcomes”. That accounts to 1.3 million operations done annually, which becomes the most common surgical operation performed to women. 

The Cesarean birth is performed if the baby is big enough to be delivered vaginally. One should consult the doctor as early as possible. Other reasons also include (but not limited to): 

  1. baby has developmental issues 
  2. complication during early pregnancy 
  3. undergone cesarean operation in previous birth
  4. problems involving the umbilical cord and the placenta, and 
  5. stalled labor.

What are the risks for this kind of operation?

The negative effects may vary from one woman to another. They may experience bleeding from time to time especially during the mother’s recovery phase. Blood clots are also a common occurrence. She may experience wound infections and infection in the uterus.  An abnormal separation of the placenta may happen, especially in women with who have previously undergone a cesarean delivery. The mother may also experience difficulty urinating and/or may contract urinary tract infection (UTI). If you will be delivering the baby through a Cesarean birth, you can’t have a normal delivery or vaginal birth for your next baby. 

Be sure to give time to think and to discuss this with your doctor including your honesty if you have experienced complications while being pregnant like shortness of breath and others. This can also have a factor in considering cesarean birth.

The decision to perform or to not perform cesarean  birth is a question of  life-or-death. It does not only affect the mother but also for the baby. Studies have suggested that babies delivered through cesarean birth are prone to illness as they grow old compared to babies in normal delivery. The bacteria present in the vaginal lining of the mother immunized the baby thus boosting his or her immune system.

But before deciding what kind of operation will be having, always consult your doctor. The doctor will be able to provide the best advice and the best care if you are also honest about the conditions that you have experienced during your pregnancy. 

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